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BACS (Proximity Card) Access

Exterior doors to the Student Services Building (SSB) are secured by the University Electronic System (BACSII System). After-hours access requires a proximity/UTID card, and is limited to individuals granted access by their respective department head within the Student Services Building. The department administrator with access to the BACSII system will activate the card in the BACSII system. Card readers are located at the following locations:

North – First floor entrance
North – Ground floor entrance
North – Loading zone entrance
South – First floor entrance

Contact the Student Services Building Management Office for more information.

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Building Emergencies

Contact your department's floor manager for your specific emergency plans. Departments are responsible for keeping staff apprised of building emergency procedures. The Building Management Office will hold periodic trainings, or at the request of departments.

Download PDF of the SSB Emergency Plan

For additional campus emergency information, see the Emergency Preperedness website.

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Building Management Office

The SSB Management Office is located on the ground floor of the SSB, room G1.408AB, next to the north exit.

Hours: 8:00AM-4:00PM 

For fastest response time, use the general office contact information:


Julie Wier, Building Manager

Have a maintenance request? Use our online form.

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Digital Screens

Departments and registered students organizations hosting or sponsoring events, activities or services for students may submit a request to have slides displayed on the digital screens located on the first and ground floors of the Student Services Building (SSB).

This service is provided free of charge and without guarantee. Slides must be submitted two weeks prior to requested (1st Choice) display date. To submit a request, please e-mail with the following information:

  • Name of Registered Student Organization or Department
  • Name of Authorized Representative
  • UT EID of Authorized Representative
  • E-mail address of Authorized Representative
  • Include a short (3–4 sentence) description of program/event.
  • Week Requested dates must be a Monday through the following Sunday.
  • 1st Choice dates (MM/DD/YYYY): From _________________ To _________________
  • 2nd Choice dates (MM/DD/YYYY): From _________________ To _________________
  • Slide expiration date (MM/DD/YYYY): _________________
  • Attach your digital slide to the e-mail.

Slides should be sized to 1920 X 1080 pixels and saved as an RGB jpeg file. This is a horizontal 150 dpi or higher format jpeg. Please keep file size at or below 1 MB.

Slide content should include the name of the department and, as appropriate: date, location, time, name of event, Web site, phone number or e-mail.

Each slide displays for 5–7 seconds with a 1–2 second transition between slides. Text should be kept to a minimum and large enough to be read quickly from a distance. Rather than list a lot of details, provide a Web address, phone number or e-mail address where more information can be found.

Slides and all information regarding the request must be final at the time of submission.

Requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your first choice week.

Screen space may be requested for a ONE-WEEK PERIOD only.

Student Services Building Management is not responsible for technical difficulties in the event the system goes off-line.

Any questions should be e-mailed to

Key and Key Assignments

Grand Master keys open all lockable doors within a given agency.

Master keys open a subset of doors within an agency.

General keys open individual offices.

  • All permanent keys will be assigned through the University Lock and Key Service Office, SER 101, 512-471-8640, consistent with existing procedures.
  • Permanent keys shall be issued only with the authorized signature for the agency housed in the SSB.
  • University keys may not be duplicated unless done with approval through the Lock and Key Service Office.
  • Keys may not be transferred from one individual to another.
  • All keys must be surrendered upon termination of employment, resignation, re-assignment, or on request of the Director of the responsible agency.
  • Assignment of grand master keys, master keys and general keys shall be determined by the Director of each agency housed in the SSB.

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Maintenance Requests (SSB only)

All routine maintenance items shall be sent to the building management office. Routine maintenance includes day-to-day items such as: lights out, too hot/too cold, locks, drains, broken glass, etc.

For routine maintenance requests:

Submit a Maintenance Request online (this is only for mainteinance issues in the SSB).

For after-hours or emergency requests:

Report directly to Facilities Maintenance by calling 512-471-2020.

For life-threatening emergencies:

Call 911.

For departmental construction projects and renovations:

Departmental requests should be submitted via WORQS by a departmental representative. In order that an accurate record is maintained of structural changes, the building manager shall be notified prior to beginning major construction or renovation projects.

For building renovations and special projects:

Contact the building manager for any facility-related special projects or renovations.

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Office Cleaning and Trash Pickup

The Facilities Services Department is responsible for servicing the Student Service Building (SSB) public areas and private offices. Service includes daily maintenance of public areas and monthly cleaning of private offices. Occupants may take their trash and recycling to a central bin within their building, or set receptacles outside their office door between monthly service schedules.

Click here to see the building cleaning schedule.

After hours facility emergency number is 512-471-2020.

Questions about custodial services should be directed to the SSB building manager at 512-232-2890.

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Painting of office walls is scheduled on an as-needed basis (can be based upon time and/or usage: Marks/scuffs/holes, etc).

  • White Pearl is the standard color for office painting.
  • Painting of offices in White Pearl on an as-needed basis is billed to the Student Services Building (SSB) budget as regular maintenance/upkeep.

If a department requests painting of an office with an accent wall from the approved color chart, the department pays for the accent wall and the SSB budget pays for White Pearl (the other three walls).

If a department requests repainting of an office wall from an accent color to the standard White Pearl, the department pays for this change unless it is time for regular maintenance repainting when the request is made.

The SSB budget pays for painting of general areas in the atrium. SSB building manager will consult with UT Interior Designer to confirm wall colors in general areas.

  • Choose an accent wall being mindful of placement of furniture and how color paint scratches/scrapes/blemishes from chair backs, carts, etc. Please clearly mark with pencil/tape to indicate which is the accent wall.
  • Staff will work with departmental paint coordinator to request office painting including accent walls. Be clear as to accent wall color and room number.
  • Departmental paint coordinator will process work order for accent wall painting. Be sure to indicate if painting is for the entire office with three walls in White Pearl and one in an accent color, or if it is just for painting of an accent wall. Once the work order number is assigned, the departmental paint coordinator should give SSB building manager a copy.
  • SSB building manager must know 48 hours in advance for scheduled painting.

Estimated cost to a department of an accent wall is $65.00

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Pest Control

Departments housed within the Student Services Building (SSB) may request pest control services by calling the SSB building manager at 512-232-2890, 7:30 a.m. -  4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Find information about reporting animals, dead or alive, on the Environmental Health and Safety website.

The key to minimizing infestation by insects, rodents or other pests is to make the environment as inhospitable to pests as possible. Some primary control strategies include:

  • Store all food in sealed containers such as Tupperware.
  • Minimize the number of areas where food is kept and eaten.
  • Immediately clean up all food and liquid spills.
  • Report plumbing leaks to Custodial Services for repair.
  • Report cracks, seams and crevices that might provide an entry way or hiding place for pests.
  • Discard all food waste in the centrally located garbage receptacles located in your department.

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Safety Hub

The SSB has a safety hub supplied by Emergency Preperadness, and located on the 1st floor between the 40 Acres Pharmacy and the Office of Health Promotion. The safety hub includes:

  • A sign with the building location
  • An emergency call box
  • An AED cabinet
  • Eigh bleed control kits

The safety hub is connected to a local alarm which is activated when opened, but does not automatically connect to UTPD. The building manager will be training in using the AED and bleed kits, and will have a key to reset the cabinet. Please contact the building manager for additional information.

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Signage and Wayfinding

If your department requires new signage due to a name change, contact the building manager immediately. Lead time for signage updates is 8-10 weeks, and should follow the building standard.

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Zero Waste (Recycling and Composting)

Each department should have assigned a Zero Waste Champion to coordinate recycling and composting initiatives. Departments may opt-in for breakroom composting (food scraps and/or coffee grounds). Paper towels in restrooms are composted also. For more information, contact the SSB building manager.

See this video for information on how your custodial team collects waste and recycling.